Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 CSA Information

We are doing things a little different with our CSA this year.  We will be scaling back on our produce side of things here on the farm.  However, we have a large garden area and will be growing for our own family and while we are, we will grow for a few others as well.  So with that said, we will be offering a CSA, it will just be limited in size this year.  

Those of you who know us well, know that we truly believe in our product.  We do not skimp on providing the soil with the nutrients it needs in order to grow produce that is more than just fiber.  We desire to feed our soil and animals for that matter, additional nutrients like Sea 90, kelp, fish emulsion, calcium, magnesium, green sand, rock phosphate etc., in order to pass on food to our family and yours that we know is highly nutritious and fortified with the trace minerals your body needs to thrive.  What would it look like if we could get the majority of our nutrients like calcium and magnesium from our food?  What if glands and organs like our thyroid and liver functioned properly because we ate foods that did what they were suppose to, because they were grown in the way God intended them to be grown, thus allowing them to do what God intended them to do for our bodies?!?  Novel idea I know.  

I often tell people I would eat the weeds that grow in our garden beds, because I know they are super nutritious due to the fact that Curt takes much care to amend our soil with as many nutrients as he possibly can.  He never skimps or scrimps on this area of our farming.  My bank account can testify ;-)  This is something he truly feels is most important. It is not enough to just not use harsh chemicals to fight pests and weeds, it goes far beyond that for us.  It is about health.  It is about growing food that will nourish and feed your entire body not just fill your belly.  

I say all that to say, we are looking to farm for those people who share in this passion for health with us.  If you just need certified organic produce, that can be purchased at the local grocer.  We want to really know the few people we farm for.  This year’s CSA will be a little less formal.  It will be a lot more flexible and those few families who get on board will have much input in what goes into the ground as well as the flexibly of telling me what you want each week, depending on what is ready for harvest.  We will most likely have only 2 pick up locations with the farm being one of them and Indian Trial being the other.  

Keep in mind, CSA's are a shared risk.  Like those of you who were apart of our CSA (or any other farm’s CSA) last year, know we saw a lot of rain - it hurt us all!  Each year has it’s share of trials whether it be a drought, record high temps and even too much water.  Some crops may do great one year and completely flop the next,  You never know.  When you join a CSA , you have skin in the game.  Please do think of these things before you send us your request to join our 2014 CSA.  I recently told Curt I think we should start calling ourselves ‘Personal/Private Farmers’ ;-)  Silly I know, but that is the best way to describe what we want to do.  We want to be your family's personal farmer.  

CSA’s are NOT for everyone. They are a lot of hard work on your end with a lot of time spent in the kitchen.  They are even more of a commitment to us, but we know our produce is unlike other CSA’s.  While there are a lot of sustainable farms who practice sustainable methods, there are not many who take the time and money to put back into the soil what we do.  We do our best to offer it at the best price we can. When we add up our time in the field (which is A LOT), the money we invest in quality seed, extensive soil nutrition and fertilizing programs, we know the value of our product.  Yes, we could be like everyone else and throw some manure in the beds and plant plant plant - mass producing a product that is not at all very nutritious, but we will not.  We want to grow the very best food for our children and family and we will.  If you want to share in our harvest with us this, please let us know soon.  We can only take on a few families.  

We will structure the CSA into two phases.  It will run a total of 16 weeks.  Eight weeks for spring/summer produce, then eight more weeks providing summer/fall produce with a potential break in deliveries.  We will only offer Full Shares this year.  The price will be $560 for the entire season.  Half ($280.00) will be due up front as a deposit, the other half is not due until we deliver your first bags of produce. It will be on a first come first serve basis.

For those of you who have allowed us to farm for you in the past, we cannot say THANK YOU enough.  We have had some of the most supportive and gracious customers and we are most grateful to God for that!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us at 704-385-8632.  We want to secure these spots soon, since now is the time we have to start sprouting seeds and we would like some input from those of you that we will be farming for. 

For His Glory Alone,
The Wheelers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chicken from China or Chicken from Bethany Farm?

Did you happen to see Dr. Oz's episode sounding the alarm to Americans of the USDA's intention to send chickens to China for processing; only then to be sent back here to your local grocery and restaurants?  Crazy?  Yes!
There is nothing better than a farm fresh, locally raised and processed chicken.  We can tell you exactly what your chicken ate and how they are processed - in a humane God honoring way here on our farm.  Our chickens are not raised in large toxic chicken houses.  They are not fed arsenic or genetically modified grain.  We do not have to decontaminate ourselves after working with our chickens.  They are fed a healthy non-GMO diet.  They are allowed to free range on grass, in the sunshine, thus producing a healthy, tasty bird for you and your family.

Here at Bethany Farm we process chickens twice a year, spring and fall.  We will be ordering our spring batch in February.  Currently our chickens sell for $4.75 a pound. If you would like to place an order, please email us and let us know how many you would like to reserve.  There is a $10 deposit per bird - the remaining balance due at pick up (end of April first of May).

If you have any questions concerning how we raise our chickens or would like a customer referral, please feel free to contact us by email at bethanyfarmnc@gmail.comor call us 704-385-8632.

Want more info on how to get the most bang for your buck bauck while buying farm fresh chickens? Read this article.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Join Us at Bethany Farm for Fall Homesteading and Sustainability Classes

‘Farm Your Own Back Yard - Organically’

Saturday, September 21st, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. 
Cost $75.00 per person - Cost includes an organic farm fresh lunch 
There is a $25.00 deposit per person to secure your spot

Most people do not realize the huge learning curve that exists when desiring to take up gardening.  The curve can be so frustrating to the point many people give up before the first season is over.  This is a hands on approach to gardening that covers the essentials of being a successful organic gardener. This class will teach you the importance of getting your soil right - naturally, to obtain the perfect conditions for growing a bountiful harvest of produce the way God intended as well as learning the importance of putting the proper nutrients back into the soil, thus producing food for you and your family that is more than just fiber,  but packed full of vitamins, minerals and even cancer fighting essentials. It covers everything you need to know from dirt to the table.   This class will touch on the following:  garden bed formation, soil amendments,  seed starting, transplanting, mulching, weeding, insect control, watering, harvesting and necessary tools.  We will also be covering a variety of crops and garden techniques and tips.

 *If you would like for us to come help you get started farming your backyard, we will come to you and give you a free estimate on how we can maximize your space based on the specific topography of your yard.  This service includes strategically planning, plowing, preparing your soil with proper nutrients, as well as planting your garden beds/orchard while instructing you on how to maintain your new sustainable garden for a successful season. 

‘Cold  Weather Gardening’

Saturday, September 28th from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Cost  $75.00 - Cost includes a farm fresh organic lunch
There is a $25 deposit per person to secure your spot

Most people think that around these parts they can only grow spring, summer and fall crops  - that is not the case.  This class in an intensive hands on class that will teach you how you can eat fresh from your garden even in the cold winter months as well as how to get a jump start on the spring season.  Learn what types of food you can grow successfully, how to prepare your soil and garden beds and how to build infrastructures to protect your crops from pests, frost and snow.

‘Raising Farm Animals Sustainably - 
Even In Your Own Backyard’ 

Saturday, October 5th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost $75.00 - Cost includes an organic farm fresh lunch
There is a $25 deposit per person to secure your spot

Raising animals is an important part of living sustainably.  They are great assets to not only your soil, but also your diet when raised the way God intended.  But did you know, you do not have to live on multiple acres in the country in order to raise farm animals?  This class will cover multiple ways you can raise animals, getting you that much closer to a more self sufficient life style and supplementing your homesteading needs whether it be an urban or suburban homestead.  We will cover a variety of animals and breeds most useful for different types of homesteads and the infrastructure needed to care for them.  We will even build an easy and inexpensive “chicken tractor”.  

‘Processing Chicken’

Saturday, November 2nd from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Cost  $75.00 - Cost includes an organic farm fresh lunch
There is a $25 deposit per person to secure your spot

One of the most requested skills we are asked to teach believe it or not, is how to process chicken.  We are asked so frequently, that we have decided to hold a training class just to teach this skill alone.  If this is a skill you would like to learn, now is your chance.  This is definitely hands on training and not for the weak stomach. Fifty years ago, it was nothing for a farmer’s son (or daughter) to harvest the chicken for Sunday supper - yet today, if we want chicken the only way we know to obtain it is from the grocery store.  Learning to honor and appreciate what God has provided through the life of the animal we eat is often not considered because we have become so distant from the growing, raising and harvesting of our own food.  When the life of an animal is taken, it is not taken lightly, when you have raised and cared for it.  You become more appreciative of the life it gave but more importantly, you become more thankful of the Creator who entrusted it to your care.

To sign up for a class - please email us at or call us at 704-385-8632.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

What's New On The Farm?

Here are a few of Bethany Farm's upcoming products, services and events...

  • Pastured Pork - We will be offering pasture raised pork this spring.  We only have so many pigs we are growing out and we will be taking deposits soon so you can reserve yours.  Pasture raised pork, like any other pastured meat, is higher in Omega 3 acids and the taste is outstanding compared to factory farmed pork products.  We will be growing out Heritage breed pigs that were bred to be raised on pasture and as a result the meat is tender and marbled with healthy fat, and PINK.  Pork is pink, not white, not lean and not tasteless like what we have to choose from at the grocer.  Don't fall for the "studies" that say pork fat is bad for your cholesterol, only confinement raised factory pork fat is bad for you.  When a pig is given the opportunity to forage for his food and supplemented with a non-gmo diet, the fat is not only delicious but is also healthy, as this is where the Omegas are stored.  Do your research and decide for yourself and don't just buy into the so called research that's out there.  We wouldn't recommend an all pork diet, but pork can be a nutritional and tasty part of a healthy diet.  And who doesn't LOVE bacon?  We will only be offering whole or half pigs and you can even get the extra fat to render your own lard, but we will have more information regarding pre-orders coming soon.  

  • Fresh Ground Organic Kamut Flour - Kamut is an Ancient Grain, with a low gluten content.  Many people who are allergic to wheat can often tolerate eating Kamut.  By the time you get your wheat from your grocery, all nutritional content is just about as good as gone.  We will be grinding Kamut in 5 pound bags.  Wheat is the 'bread of life' and is packed with nutrition you just cannot get anywhere, however, wheat has been altered to such an extent that it is hard for most people to digest and have to resort to a gluten free diet.  We don't believe this is what God intended.  Bread has sustained life for centuries - but now is the great evil.  There are many theories as to why people are unable to digest gluten today, but we will save those for another day.  We will be delivering orders of Kamut each week at our current CSA drop off locations which are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Gardening and Homesteading Classes - We will be offering sustainable farming and gardening classes here on the farm this fall as well as in your own backyard.  These classes will range from beginners basics to more in depth training for sustainable living.  We will teach you how you can farm and be more sufficient just by utilizing the ground in your own backyard.  Lawns are beautiful and fun to mow, but unfortunantly our stomachs can't turn grass into food.  You will be amazed at how much food you can provide for your family by digging up only a small portion of that lawn and we will teach you how to maximize your yields from minimum space.  Fall is a great time to prepare beds for spring planting so don't wait, sign up and learn how to move one step closer to being self sufficient.  Once you have a harvest, you will need to know what to do with it, so we will offer classes for canning and food storage as well.  More about the different classes you can take and dates coming your way. 
Send us an email or give us a call if you are interested in any of these services, and we will make sure to include you in the email list for future information.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Now Accepting Chicken Pre-orders For Fall

It's that time again!

We are now accepting deposits on chicken pre-orders for fall.

Our poultry is raised on pasture, in movable chicken houses that allow them to not only eat the specially formulated organic, non GMO, soy free feed we provide, but giving them access to fresh grass and nature's cleanser aka chlorophyll. They have the freedom to peck at bugs, take dust baths, bask in the sun and be communal the way they were created to do; all while being protected from harsh weather and predators and never given hormones or antibiotics.

Our poultry is processed right here on the farm and is picked up the same day as it is processed.  If you are interested in purchasing our tasty birds remember we only raise 2 batches per year, one in the fall and one in the spring, so you will tally up how many you eat per month and then multiply that by 6 to get the total number of birds you will need.  Once you have that number send us an email letting us know how many to raise for you before July 31st.  Then mail in your deposit of $10.00 per bird before August 31st.  The remaining balance will be due when you pick up your chickens which is projected around the last week of October.  Our price per pound is $4.99.  

We sell whole chicken broilers, chicken livers, hearts and feet.

We will not be selling anymore until spring, so please reserve your chicken now - before it's too late!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CSA Is Underway

The 2013 CSA is underway and everyone is always krazy over kale!

Did you know you can make more than just Kale Chips with that highly nutritious leafy green?  The recipes are endless.

Maybe you could try…

These recipes are easy to adjust to fit your cooking/eating style.

These recipes will also work for broccoli greens, swiss chard, spinach and just about any other leafy green you can get your hands on.